Requirements for articles

National Institute of Intellectual Property

Publication of materials is carried out in the form of articles, reviews, short messages, interviews and letters. The received materials undergo a procedure for reviewing, editing (literary) and agreeing on the final text with the authors.

The journal contains the following headings:

  1. topic of interest;
  2. foreign experience;
  3. theory;
  4. practice;
  5. inventor heading;
  6. patent attorney heading;
  7. the history of inventions;
  8. prospective patents;
  9. headline news;
  10. announcements.

The materials presented for publication must correspond to the objectives of the Journal:

  1. publication of scientific works of scientists, patent attorneys, inventors, patent specialists, lawyers, experts, specialists in the field of intellectual property;
  2. coverage of materials on raising the level of legal culture and legal knowledge of citizens in the field of intellectual property;
  3. acquaint readers with the problems of protection of intellectual property rights;
  4. familiarize the readers with current news and important events held in the Republic of Kazakhstan in the field of intellectual property;
  5. the formation of a scientific component of the environment in the field of intellectual property, the promotion of the sphere of  intellectual property;
  6. dissemination of advanced knowledge in the field of intellectual property, increasing the "patent literacy" of the population, conducting explanatory work in the field of intellectual property.

The materials submitted for publication in the Journal in electronic format must comply with the following requirements:

  1. the size of the articles must be at least 6000 and not more than 20,000 characters. Articles should be typed in font - Times New Roman, size - 14 font, for tables - 12 font, line spacing - 1.0, upper, lower, right - 1.5 cm, left - 2.5 cm;
  2. the materials to the article should contain a photo of the author (s) in jpeg format, in good quality, the author's initials and surname, academic degree, title, position, brief resume about the author, contact phone, e-mail, title of the article in bold type;
  3. the author of the articles should present an abstract to the article and keywords with a volume of no more than 3 lines in the state, Russian and English languages;
  4. the author of the article obligatory indicates the list of used literature; references to information received from electronic reference systems (with the name of this system and the corresponding section) and Internet resources are possible, a reference mark in the text is placed before the punctuation mark (a point, a comma, a colon, a semicolon);
  5. manuscripts, articles using high quality photographic images, diagrams, graphics, slides are accepted; in manuscripts for publications you can use infographics, tables, photographic displays;
  6. articles are accepted quarterly until the 5th day of the second month of the quarter.

Author's submission of materials for publication in the Journal means their consent to posting materials on the website of the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Kazakhstan  and RSE "National Institute of Intellectual Property" of the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Kazakhstan , as well as translation of articles into the state, Russian and English.
From the authors of the articles there is no fee for publication in the Journal. The author's royalties are not paid for.
The authors of articles, the owner of the Journal are obliged to observe the rights of the copyright and other intellectual property law they use. When publishing articles, it is allowed to shorten and edit their text, without distorting the meaning of its content. No one has the right to oblige the editorial staff of the Journal to publish the material rejected by it.