Types of contracts subject to registration

National Institute of Intellectual Property

1) Agreement on transfer of exclusive right (assignment)

Under the agreement of assignment of exclusive right, one party transfers its exclusive right to the object of industrial property in full or in part to another party

2) License agreement

Under a license agreement, the party that has the exclusive right to the result of intellectual creative activity or to a means of individualization (licensor) grants the other party (licensee) the right to temporarily use the corresponding intellectual property object in a certain manner

3) Complex entrepreneurial license agreement (franchising)

Under a complex business license agreement, one party (complex licensor) undertakes to grant to the other party (complex licensee) for remuneration a complex of exclusive rights (license complex), including, in particular, the right to use the licensor's trade name and protected commercial information, as well as other objects of exclusive rights (trademark, service mark, patent, etc.), stipulated by the agreement, for use in the licensee's business activity.

4) Pledge agreement

Pledge agreement of exclusive rights to an object of industrial property is an agreement under which one party owning the right to an object of industrial property secures the fulfillment of an obligation to the other party in such a way that in case the debtor fails to fulfill the obligation secured by the pledge, the pledgee is entitled to receive satisfaction from the value of the pledged property.