Authority of RSE "NIIP" for the registration of topologies of an integrated microcircuit

National Institute of Intellectual Property

In accordance with Article 4-1 , an expert organization established by decision of the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan in the organizational and legal form of a republican state enterprise on the right of economic management, subordinated in its activities to the authorized body:

1) conducts expert examination of applications for registration of topologies;

2) enters topologies into the State Register of Integrated Circuits Topologies and issues registration certificates, authors' certificates;

3) registers in the State Register of Integrated Circuit Topologies the transfer of the exclusive right, granting the right to use topologies;

4) maintains the State Register of Integrated Circuit Topologies, the Bulletin and publishes them on its Internet resource;

5) provides extracts from the State Register of Integrated Circuit Topologies;

6) publishes information on registered topologies in the bulletin of the expert organization;

7) carries out other activities not prohibited by the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Prices for services in the field of topology protection shall be approved by the expert organization in coordination with the authorized body on condition of full reimbursement of expenses incurred by this organization for their provision, break-even of its activities and financing from its own revenues.